Maximising Land Values

St Congar Land promotes sites through the ever changing town planning process with a general focus towards residential uses. Our aim is to maximise land values and the marketability of sites.

The promotion process is complex and costly with increasing emphasis on the land promoter to prove deliverability, sustainability and viability. St Congar works with teams of professional experts in a multitude of areas including highways, drainage, ecology, flooding and affordable housing to name but a few.

St Congar Land

Buying Sites Unconditionally

St Congar Land will buy freehold sites unconditionally and at all stages of the planning process including unconsented land and land which is not allocated in a local development framework. It will enter into option, promotion or joint venture agreements with landowners.

Unlike many land promoters St Congar Land has entered a joint venture partnership with a leading UK property fund which means it has immediate funds available in excess of £20m. Target project sizes range from £500,000 to £20m although larger projects can be considered.

Promotion and Option Agreements

In addition to buying freehold sites, St Congar also undertakes projects on promotion and option agreements.

Funding Land Promoters and Housebuilders

St Congar also provides funding support for other land promoters and housebuilders, including funding initial unconditional site purchase and/or the promotion costs.